10 November 2016

Psycho Chocolate - Chilli Salted Caramel (@NLi10)

A colleague of mine triumphantly returned from the Warwick Chocolate Festival with the following bar.  She had sampled a small piece at the stall and thought it interesting enough to bring back.

If you call your product Psycho Chocolate, and include the hipster-bait from a couple of past years of both salted caramel and chilli then you are making several bold statements.

Some of those statements are even in Latin, and best left un translated.

We even have sea salt flakes here. The chilli is not only ghost pepper which has a bit of a reputation. This bar is 2.4% chilli, and only for the brave.

I do like to think of myself as someone who can take the heat of chilli snacks, but this was testing my limits. The initial burst wasn't so bad - mainly caused by the salt melting I guess and then the chillis hit. 

As you can see there is quite a lot of chilli, and the heat builds  and builds  and just doesn't go away. I couldn't really appreciate the Caramel, or the chocolate - the flavour is all chilli. And that flavour is fun, and novel and quite interesting, but you probably aren't going to need more than one square .  So great as something with a large group to watch each other's expressions, and extreme enough for a chilli challenge, but not something I'd consider buying to eat. 

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