19 November 2016

The Boiling Well Beer (Cosford Food Show) By @SpectreUK

At a fairly recent food fair at the Cosford Air Museum I picked up a 500ml bottle of The Boiling Well amber ale, and also a rather nice stout that I’m sure I’ll try in due course. The Boiling Well ale is named after the Boiling Well Meadow, which is a local sacred spring near to the Ludlow Brewing Co. This 4.7% volume ale has a sweet almost sherry aroma to it with the bitterness of the hops and malt languishing in the background. I thought this an unusual smell, and couldn’t wait to get stuck into the flavour. On first sip I found this a very fruity ale, which seems to go well with the autumnal weather outside. The sweet caramel malt shines through next mixing well with the light bitterness from the hops into the aftertaste. Apparently the brewers have a licenced bar and visitor centre made from a converted 18th century siding shed next to Ludlow railway station. So if you find yourself visiting the Shropshire town with its marvellous ruined castle and quirky shops, I’d recommend you sample their beer. This is definitely a full-bodied fruity ale from deep in the countryside. Perfect for the dark stormy night ahead!

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