17 November 2016

Disney Moana - Kelloggs Cereal (@NLi10)

After visiting the Cereal Killer Cafe i felt honourbound to try the new Disney cereal that we spotted. this is unusual in that it isnt a variant of an existing cereal but a whole new shape (at least to the UK).

The box is as expected - clean, clear advertising for the characters from the new movie. It looks. A lot like Pocahontas, but I'm sure it's got its own story and heart. 

It has a cute pig, so frankly it can't go wrong. 

I had it with my usual Almond milk, but in a traditional promotional Kellogg's bowl.
And as it turns out they are quite nice! The honey is good, the shape is fun and they fall to bits so you get a little variety. I think they do go a little pit too soft if you leave them, and like American cereals they are really nice dry. 

So essentially they are worth a try, and they are 79% cereals and only 21% sugar and insulin. 

Oh wait - no - that's Inulin, even American cereal manafacturers haven't had the foresight to include insulin in with the chocolate frosted sugar bombs yet.

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