26 July 2017

Fusions Cheddar & Red Pepper flavour (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

These new Cheddar & Red Pepper flavour Fusions have 50% less fat in them than regular potato crisps. They are made with potato flakes and oven baked. They are sported as ‘light & crispy’ as well as having a ‘mouth-watering taste’. They mention ‘real ingredients’, so I expect the ‘Cheddar’ part of the flavour is real Cheddar cheese and I’m also expecting some spiciness from the red peppers.
On opening there was a strong smell of red peppers from the packet. There was an added cheesiness at the back of the aroma, that suggested red pepper spice first and cheese after in the taste. On taste the red pepper and then paprika were the immediate dominant flavours, with the cheesy flavour close behind to balance the spices. There was a good clean crunchiness to these moreish crisps and I found I wanted more on emptying the packet. Always a good sign… ;-)
Information on the packet;
The 22g packet has 96 calories, with 3g of fat, 1.9g of sugar and 0.23g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

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