7 July 2017

Degusta Box June 2017 (@DegustaboxUK) By @Cinabar

We had been away for a few days and came back to our Degusta delivery for June. This is our monthly food subscription box, where you get a delivery of new and interesting food/snacks and drinks for a set monthly price. This Degusta box was an edition with summer in mind, and came with summer themed sweets and barbecue seasonings, all ready to use in the sunshine.

In terms of sauces we received a Chilli and Coconut Sauce, which is Brazilian. It suggests cooking this with chicken, and I can’t wait to experiment. I don’t know much about Brazilian cooking flavours, so I’m interested to investigate. We also had the seasonings to make pulled chicken and spicy buffalo wings. Both of these sound like they would be fun to cook, and of course fun to eat.

Now that I’m getting used to Degusta boxes I’m spotting themes, like they always seem to have some interesting sweets. They have the new ones from Haribo which are the Summer Frenzy editions, the ice cream flavours in the sours look particularly good! On a healthier note there are some mango pieces in yoghurt which I will take to work to snack on.

Biscuit wise we have one box of savoury and one of sweet. I’ve had Walkers shortbread before, but the dog shape biscuits look super cute. I’m intrigued by the Original O’s and I’m looking forward to trying those out. Cumin and Sesame sounds like an interesting combination.

One thing is for sure I don’t need to buy muesli or granola any more, Degusta have provided a box each month. I’m looking forward to trying out this apple and peanut variety, and it will be the first experience of the make Spoon which as it is new to me.

Finally there was an excellent selection of drinks in this box, all perfect for handing out around a barbecue. There was cider from Rosie’s Pig flavoured with Damson or Rhubarb. These are creative combinations with cider, and Spectre has tried the rhubarb before and is looking forward to taste testing the damson variety. There are too “energy’ drinks too, but these are mainly fruit based with the energy coming from coffee beans. That is kind of the more mature and much nicer version of those cans of overly sugared caffeine kicks. Finally there is a bottle of alcohol free Sauvignon Blanc from Eisburg. Perfect for the designated driver attending that barbecue!

Many thanks to Degusta for sending us our review edition of the June Degusta box, it was another great box. They were also kind enough to include in it all options for items where normally only one is selected at random.

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