20 July 2017

Monty Bojangles - Popcorn Carousel (@NLi10)

I love the Monty Bojangles range - it's like the Fentiman's of chocolates and it's still just about unknown enough that you can surprise people with them as presents and still wow them.

And I found a whole stack of a new to me flavour in Home Bargains for £2 a box (half price). Joy.


the idea behind Popcorn Carousel is initially a bit odd sounding, but essentially you take their standard rich chocolate truffle, and then add some buttery salted popcorn to the mix in the centre to cause a texture clash and to add some saltiness.

And it's amazing!


As usual taking one out of the box  leaves you with cocoa everywhere and those that dare to try to eat it in multiple bites will end up with even more so.  They are small enough to justify pipping in with a single bite and enjoying the melt, and then the flavour hit all in one.  And the main thing that you get is the rich butter that comes alongside the chocolate and bowls you over. There is a hint of the saltiness, and the texture of the popcorn is possibly more welcome than the surprise of the popping candy. Athe whole combination is amazing and has resulted in a trip back to the store. 

We now have a further two boxes at home waiting to be sprung on guests, and then finished by ourselves. Top marks.

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