31 July 2017

New York Cheese Cake Doughnut Krispy Kreme By @cinabar

This will be the second doughnut I’ve brought from the American Daydreams collection which are new at Krispy Kreme. The new doughnuts have been brought out to celebrate 80 years of Krispy Kreme, I can’t believe they have been going so long. Not sure they have been in Britain that long, but heck any excuse for a celebration and new doughnuts sounds good to me.
The first doughnut I tried from the range was the rather fabulous Pecan Pie Doughnut, that was topped with maple syrup icing. It was complete heaven, and it got me excited about going back to Krispy Kreme and trying the New York Cheese Cake Doughnut.

This new doughnut is a round filled doughnut, topped with a white icing and a biscuit crumb.
I tucked in and found the flavours to be very muted. There was a hint of vanilla, but this was quite a delicately flavoured doughnut. The filling was white and fluffy, and had a flavour of cream cheese, but it was very mild. These lighter flavours meant that the biscuit crumb stood out more, giving a nice baked taste and a crunchy texture. It was a very pleasant doughnut to eat, I did enjoy it, but given the exciting choices at Krispy Kreme I wouldn’t rush to have it again. Ultimately this was a bit mild for me, and the Pecan Pie Doughnut wins hands down for my tastebuds. Did I mention I like nuts though? There is a still a Peanut Butter and Jelly one left for me to try, and I think that might be up my street too.

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