6 July 2017

Yushoi Sna-pea rice sticks (@NLi10)

My partner found these in the Holland & Barrett reduced section - they are made out of peas which is pretty interesting.

The back shows thaT they aren't bad for you, but aren't particularly good for you either.  The texture is similar to that of chipsticks which is cool, in a retro way, and they leave a similar feeling in the mouth.

They also look a little bit green which is fun - and natural too.

They just don't really excite in the same way that most other crisps do. I'd much rather have a normal bag of Chipsticks - or this crisp but with the flavour added. They feel a bit like one step too far, not quit3 unique enough to be their own category and too similar to the much less healthy but nicer version to exist happily.

They call them rice sticks when they are only 8% rice, presumably because pea sticks sounds like a pregnancy test.

The kind of crisp you'd eat half a bag of then forget about, edible but not compulsive.

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