27 July 2017

My little green exotic KitKat (@NLi10)

Yesterday, while picking up green tea bags, iced tea in a bottle, and green tea pocky (theme!) I spotted and picked up the Macha Green Tea KitKats. They are expensive £5.50 for a bag of 12 - and they are half the size of a normal two finger KitKat so that's pretty steep.

Anything with green tea in is automatically intriguing and as the chocolate is green too I figured I'd splash out.

There is lots of helpful context on the bag, but it's all in Japanese, so we have to go to the website to get the low down - or just open up and have a look.

The bars are tiny but really imperial looking, someone deserves a raise for this one. 

And inside, with a real English 5p for scale is the short, two finger sample of the bar. It may even be less than two of these to a normal bar length!

Luckily the website has all the info on that we need. This is actually OTONA NO AMASA (or sweetness for adults) and contains Uni Gyokuro tea leaves to make authentic Uni matcha paste. And I have to admit it's a really smooth ride, and does taste like the real thing.  The green isn not disappointing either, with the colours being bright enough to convince you that a decent amount of the real product is in here. Possibly not worth 50p a bar as it's only 6 small bites, but as a rare adult treat it's certainly interesting enough to pick up.

And evidently a lot of other people think so too as the BBC has just reported that these import flavours have caused Nestle to have to open a whole extra factory. While this is essentially not that exciting on the face of it, it does means that we may get more variety in the UK and the prices may reduce too. Excellent news. 

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