11 July 2017

Cadbury Caramel Roundies Biscuits (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

This packet of Caramel Roundies are the new biscuits from Cadburys. They are wafer based, which is unusual for Cadburys, but this sort of biscuit is very popular on the continent so it is nice to wafers getting a try over here with a big brand.
When I looked at the packet I was a bit surprised to see that there were only five biscuits inside. I’m used to the biscuits being in stacks, so the idea of the number of biscuits being a prime number seemed odd (pun intended). However once the pack was opened it made more sense as the biscuits were neatly presented in a row, and although there were only five I have to be fair and say they were very large biscuits.

Each one is neatly wrapped in foil and has a smart swirl pattern on top. There is plenty of wafer inside, and there is caramel between the layers too. I gave one a bite and found that the balance of ingredients was spot on. There is a lot of chocolate, particularly around the edges of the biscuits, and this ensure that every bite has that lovely Cadbury chocolate taste. The wafers have a good light crispy crunch, and are crumbly but firm. I love a mix of textures, so wafer biscuits are up my street. The caramel adds a nice sweet rich taste to the biscuit, and all together the flavours are just spot on.
I’ve already ordered more for my next online order, and when things usually have to have a “new” label to get into the snacking portion of my virtual trolley this means high praise indeed.

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