16 July 2017

Croatian Paste Chocolates - ChocOlive & ChocOrange (@NLi10)

Picked up at an airport by a colleague, today we have odd long bars of hand-made chocolate filled with paste matching the flavours on the box.  I was purely intrigued by the fact that it has Olive filling inside one of the varieties.

So first lets talk basics. These are nice, slabs of chocolate and are very fragile on top and strong underneath. The boxes are designed so that travellers can protect their investment and the tops don't cave in until you want them to.  The Dark choc is the Orange, and the Milk is the Olive.  I'm not sure this matters.

We tried to break them off in orderly lines - but it just didn't work - so we popped them in the fridge and tried again.  They basically shattered and there were no perfect chunks - but this created a pleasing effect where no two pieces were the same and we probably ended up eating more than planned at each sitting.

The goo was very much a solid paste and not like a caramel or liquid centre - which was good because that would not have worked with the shards of chocolate we had.

The orange wasn't that exciting, it tastes of orange, but less so than the typical UK roses and quality street options.  Enjoyable, but not that memorable.

The olive paste it turns out is mostly olive oil flavoured. This is even weirder than the salty olives I was expecting and am now craving.  Again - it was pleasurable to eat and not something I'd really ever hunt down again.

The chocolate however was great quality and probably the actual star.  Both versions were nice, and I guess you could have swapped the contents and not had any noticeable effect (although the weaker flavour was the Olive so they probably balanced it out for us).  Often things brought back from holidays are all packaging and no substance, but these are cool enough and interesting enough that I'd be tempted to grab some more if I wanted to dump currency at the airport and surprise my friends. Not a classic, but a good solid regional variation.

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