10 July 2017

New Lindt Lindor Orange Bar (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

This was in the “impulse buy” section of the supermarket, on the end of an aisle very near the tills. I don’t need much encouragement to impulse buy anything, they had me at “New”. I am big fan of the Lindt Lindor chocolates, and love having them at Christmas. The orange bar looked like a fab treat, without the need to buy a box full of chocolates.
Being a long thin bar it felt a little fragile, and by the time it had made its journey home (via shopping bags in the back of the car) it had unsurprisingly broken in two. There wasn’t any card under the bar to protect it, but it was still in a very edible format so I guess it doesn’t matter. The first thing I did was broke a chunk off anyway.
I don’t know if it was my imagination but the filling in the bar felt much more runny than what you would expect in the Lindor balls. It was wasn’t oozing all over the place by any means but it felt softer and a step nearer to being liquid. I don’t think this is just because the weather is warmer, as the outside chocolate was still firm.
The taste was lovely, the milk chocolate was rich and full of flavour and the balance of the orange was spot on. Sweet and smooth and fruity, citrus and chocolate do work well together. The best part though was that the bar still had that wonderful silkiness I associate with Lindor. this made it feel luxurious and special, and a proper treat with my afternoon coffee. Definitely a bar I’ll be picking up again.

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