8 July 2017

Vital IPA Beer (Honestbrew) By @SpectreUK

I've been watching Wimbledon Women's Tennis all afternoon after a good session at the gym this morning, and there's nothing like a cold beer to watch it with. This Vital IPA was brewed by the Victory Brewing Company in Pennsylvania. It was very kindly sent to us by Honestbrew. This 6.5% volume IPA is a concoction of American hops and german malts. I did watch the end of a match between an American lady and a German lady, which was very well fought.

I have to agree with the label, as the aroma from the open 330ml can was fresh and crisp, with fruity hop notes. This glowing blonde beer has an invigorating bitterness to start with cutting away at the tastebuds with a flourish of fruitiness following, with sweetness from the malts to finish. This is certainly a perfect refreshing cold beer for hot summer afternoons in front of the television watching a favourite sport.

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