9 July 2017

Pumpkin Spiced Late Muller Fruit Corner (by @NLi10)

Occasionally we find things for review that don't really conform with what is expected of a product in that category.  After a race that a friend participated in they gave out the usual freebies, and for some reason a bunch of these yougurts.  Considering it was probably around April (I've had these pictures for a while) a Pumpkin Spiced Late Muller Fruit Corner was not what the participants were expecting, and a tray of them made it to work.  So I took a couple to try.

They look standard enough - its a Muller fruit corner after all and these things are now an institution. You get a yougurt, sometimes with two layers, and then you get some jam, and you mix them.

Here we see that the yougurt is a funny colour, and the pumpkin is a little more ominous than your typical raspberry jam.  Also - it smells like a Halloween style treat, but thats probably the psychology of anything that contains pumpkin.

Essentially this is coffee, spices and pumpkin - none of which should be going anywhere near yougurt and possibly only one at a time in the pudding section of a meal.  The whole combination is odd, it's both too strongly flavoured but they all seem to cancel out making the resulting sticky paste very sweet and non-descript. I wasn't a fan. 

THe second yougurt was eaten by a colleague who seeemed to get through it OK but admitted that he'd rather have had a normal one.

The main reason for bothering to review this though is the interesting possibility it throws up.  Coffee yougurts exist, but are for crazy people.  Pumpkin yougurts are probably fine but not in this form.  Spicy yougurt though is an interesting thing.  You see I live in a very Asian area (and love it) and smart people use the yogurt to cool the spices - and this got me thinking.

We have two potential options here - both using fairly plain yougurt - but with the corner being the excitement.
 The first idea is very straight forwards - you try and emulate the classic Asian starter of the poppadom and dips, only we get a huge yougurt and a little spicy mango or the red stuff dip too.  Not sure how theye'd give us popadom too. 
The other idea is that we stick a spicy Bombay mix in the corner  - and its this one I love. There used to be a lot of more childish corners with little chocolate balls next to them and I think that this would go well with that style.

Muller Spice Starter corners, where you get to eat your yougurt before your sandwiches and not feel guilty about it. Call me Muller, lets do business. Maybe I'll have to mock one up.

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