13 July 2017

Meat free Prawn Katsu with Tricolour gnocchi (@NLi10) #Vegan

We've already established that Fry's are the reigning kings of frozen vegan things - so lets dive in to the deep end and see how they make Vegan scampi!

Naturally it's a bit like their chicken nuggets, but they have involved a chef and really gone to town.

I'm presuming he's off Masterchef based on the text. And he recommends a spicy tomato chutney - which sounds amazing - but I didn't have one so I made a little Katsu sauce.  We picked this up from Webbs Garden Centre's expensive gift section.  It's pretty potent!

I just mixed it with some water and reduced it down as I didn't have any coconut milk to hand, and didn't think to use almond milk.  It worked pretty well.

I served with gnocchi because I really fancied some and it's quicker than doing a stir fry.  

The vegan scampi were interesting, there was a definite herby flavour and they almost seemed to be harder on the outside and softer in the middle giving them a bite similar to a prawn. The veggie taster wasn't as put off by these as the chicken style nuggets we had and ate them all no problem.  More please!

The Katsu was a little strongly made, but was a welcome kick to the meal and also vegan which was good.

Naturally you could make a less childish looking meal by adding veggies and a proper stir fry with noodles - maybe on a night when I have more fresh ingredients and time!

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