24 July 2017

Cloggs Coffee House Blend Review [By Uxorious]

It’s 8am and I have a lot to do today! Do you ever get that déjà vu feeling? I have a research article to write (I’m a physicist by the way), a paper to review, a grant application to prepare and the never-ending line of emails to clear. I’m sitting in front of my laptop and I need to get going! This calls for caffeine, a lovely espresso will kick-start my day. It’s not procrastination, it’s coffee. One of the benefits of working from home is access to my lovely espresso machine. Today I’m going to try some Cloggs House blend beans, which have arrived in the post for me to sample.

I live in Yorkshire, which is where you’ll find Cloggs Coffee Company. They hand-roast all their beans and you can visit them in person, have a drink even, at their coffee shop in Dewsbury. I intend to pop in, now that I know it’s on my doorstep. (That’s taking my doorstep to be about fifteen miles in length, but for a good a coffee what’s distance but a relative concept. Did I mention the physicist thing?) They also have a website (www.cloggscoffee.com) and not only do they sell coffee beans, but tea, hot chocolate and coffee machines. What caught my eye was a ROK Espresso maker, which looks absolutely stunning and is hand powered, so if you are reading this I’ll take one of them and the ROK coffee grinder for my birthday please. Or Christmas. I’m really not that choosy.

All their coffee beans are ethically sourced and they sell both blends and single origin coffees. I’m drinking their House Blend. It combines Arabica Brazilian, Columbian and Peruvian beans. It’s not long before my bean to cup machine is powered up and out drizzles golden brown espresso. Looks good, a solid deep crema has formed. You can see the remains of this in the photo below, sorry I started drinking before the camera came out! I’m only human.

The aroma is quite soft to me, but pleasant. The flavour is likewise mild, very rounded, and warm, with a subtle sweetness to it. This espresso is mild on all the senses, but very moreish. There are no bitter tones and the coffee has a lovely lasting gentle aftertaste. This is a beautiful, any time of the day, espresso. Revitalised, caffeinated, I’m ready to work, but darn it, first I have to write a review of this coffee for FoodStuffFinds. But don’t worry! I’m a physicist, so I’ll use my time machine, go back to 8am, and paradoxes aside, I’m sure I’ll find I’ve already written this.

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