2 July 2017

Pixie Poo (@NLi10)

Over the past eight and a half years my boss has found me all sorts of wonderful and confusing items to review. And here is the last - he retired this week!

There is a trend for garden centres to have a few novelty gift items for presents and especially for this  market there has always been some slightly risqué items.  Here we have a box of edible pixie poo.

This box of mystical mounds are even personalised with the garden centre which they came from, which makes me think that these were originally a seaside style gift where it would say Blackpool Pier on the name slot. It's interesting that we only expect to buy tourism based presents at certain locations and not others. Other than the magnets for the work fridge and international snacks I've cut back on the rock and generic gift buying as everyone just seemed to have too many!

When you get past the branding you find out this is a box of chocolate raisins.

Fairly chocolatey ones as it happens - enough for me to be able to eat raisins which I'm not usually keen on. It's a decent quality set up really and will be enjoyed by those in the office who like raisins more.

I'll miss the occasional surprise gift from Nick's travels, and I'm sure he'll miss eating all the left over review bits that we bring in to the office too.

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