1 August 2017

New Weetabix Additions - Coconut & Raisin (@DegustaboxUK) By @Cinabar

I found this box of new Coconut and Raisin Weetabix in our Degusta Box this month, I have to confess I haven’t yet been through the contents of the box, but will do soon. I was searching for some new breakfast cereal as we had run out. I’m sure that never happens in NLi10’s house, but I don’t buy that much as the monthly box from Degusta has been just right. It is usually muesli that they send, but this month we have a new flavour of Weetabix, Coconut and Raisin from the Additions range.
I popped two into a bowl and had them for my brunch, working from home equates to a later breakfast. Two Weetabix is the only way to go, one is not enough and more is getting silly.

I have been known to add sugar to Weetabix but felt these were just about sweet enough. The raisins added a good natural sweetness to the Weetabix, and they were a pleasure to find. They were even still juicy, which mixed up the texture nicely. The coconut just gave the whole thing a good creamy taste, and a hint of the tropical. I enjoyed the additional flavours, and would pick these over the regular Weetabix as it saves me from adding sugar.
Finally I know that it is usually NLi10 who normally writes about cereals here at Foodstuff Finds, but he has an aversion to raisins, so I felt for once I’d be okay covering this!

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