29 August 2017

Coffee Banoffee Frostino (Costa) By @Cinabar

On a surprisingly warm bank holiday I couldn’t resist having a nice cold drink whilst out. We popped into Costa and I decided I would have a Frostino, their ice blended drink. To be honest they are usually a bit too cold for me, but I’m happy to make an exception if the sun is shining. I had a look at the menu and thought one of the drinks was actually two drinks that should have been split with a comma; Coffee or Banoffee Frostino rather than Coffee Banoffee Frostino. When the staff confirmed it was one drink with all those flavours I knew I had to give it a try.
The drink came topped with cream, caramel sauce and fudge pieces, and looked like the prefect summer’s treat. It is banana blended with espresso, milk and ice, plus there was caramel sauce splashed up the sides of the cup and poured on top of the cream topping.
I gave the drink its first sip and found that it wasn’t anywhere near as sweet as I had imagined it would be. The dominant flavour was the banana that was very fresh, and it went surprisingly well with the rich coffee taste. Although the drink didn’t start of sweet the sugariness developed the more I drank. By the last sip it was a caramel overload as the sauce had sunk from the top and accumulated on the bottom with cream and fudge pieces. Dare I say it, the mix of coffee and banana didn’t need the added sweetness, it worked surprisingly well on tis own. It isn’t a combination that I thought would word work, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. To be honest the added caramel was always going to be okay wit my sweet tooth, but in conclusion Banana Coffee could be the new Banoffee.

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