26 August 2017

Hobsons' Smooth Dark Stout (Cosford Food Fair) By @SpectreUK

I picked up this Hobsons' Smooth Dark Stout some time ago at the Cosford Food Fair. I do love going to food fairs to see what new and interesting beverages I can find. Just as long as the parking in good and the queues are short. My first thought when I saw this bottle amongst the other beers on the stand was; I bet that will go well with a good steak. I looked on the label and it mentioned molasses in the taste, which could be considered a staple ingredient in any good steak sauce.

So I waited and waited and one night Cinabar's mom cooked some mighty steaks, with thick chips and some salad on the side. Yummo! And what better time to crack open a stout? On opening the bottle there was a dark malt chocolate smell mixed with a little coffee at the back of the roasted malt aroma. This dark brown mahogany coloured 4.3% volume stout filled my beer glass leaving an uneven creamy head. There was a rich roasted malt flavour with a touch of chocolate on first taste, with a touch of fruitiness from the hops that could be mistaken for molasses, and then back to that thick roasted malt flavour to finish into the aftertaste. I took quite a few swigs of this fine stout during the meal and washed last last mouthful of steak down with the remnants of my pint. Great stuff!

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