31 August 2017

Avocado and Tofu Salad @yakinoriuk (@NLi10)

Following restaurants on social media is a dangerous business because sometimes they post things that are just too good to pass up! Although this one can't match the carefully posed picture they used, right?


Yes - that's a salad. Granted it's a high fat and oil content salad, but it's highly nutritious and so worth a special trip into town to grab the final servings from Yakinori Grand Central before disappearing off to other places.

And this is what it looks like for real

A little less of a tower, but a much mightier portion! What we essentially have is a  whole avocado, with half a block of Tofu, and then leafy greens and seeds and garnish 
. And a whole lot of flavour!

I ate half as served, and half with a little Kikoman soy sauce and I enjoyed both variations 
It was certainly filling, and not a chore to finish staying crispy and fresh to the end. Maybe I'd swap half of the avocado for some of their katsu chicken on the side, but then that's just me.

Something I'll be trying again for sure.

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