20 August 2017

More pea-stick snacks, Off The Eaten Path - Crunchy Pea and Pesto Balsamic Snacks (@NLi10)

When invited to a BBQ it's always wise to come prepared.  In most cases the food takes that little longer to prepare than you'd think so always take a long some sharing snacks!

Here we have a mini 'greatest hits' of the FoodStuffFinds snacks section - Pizza Pretz, Green Tea filled wafer tubes, the always welcome Monty Bojangles and the new item - Off The Eaten Path Crunchy Pea & Pinto Bean Sticks - Caramelised Onion & Balsamic Vinegar Flavour.  That's a lot of words to say crunchy tubes!  How do they stack up to the others?

Buying crisps in a box is odd, and only buying 100g of them for a party seems odd too, but these are a clear luxury item and a talking point as soon as they are passed around. No one hated them, which was a good sign and everyone seemed to o back for extras - and the bag kept giving! Being hollow tubes these went a lot further than I had suspected and there were certainly some left by the time the meat was sufficiently burned and the rain heavy enough to force us inside.

The flavours vary by the colour of the stick, but at no time is the onion and balsamic more than a delicate overtone.  This really works, and as I seem to keep saying these would be great with a salad at a BBQ.  We just had Pimms and burgers instead, but the thought was there.  So if you too are planning to have a summer BBQ under the umbrella then this could just save that awkward first portion of the night where the chicken looks a little too pink and the clouds a little to grey.

Certainly worth a look, but one thats more for sharing outdoors than eating alone in front of the TV.

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