13 August 2017

Kettle Veg Chips - Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar (@NLi10)

We've written about the plain version of these, and the honey version of these before - and to save you a click, they were not that exciting.  Sure the veg crips are some of the highest quality out there, but the flavour was very underwhelming.

But here it's different, here we get the God Tier Kettle Chips flavour of sea salt & balsamic vinegar.  This combination is almost completely responsible for the revolution in crisp flavours over the recent years - with only Pringles refusing to create a variety that tows the line.  So how does it work?

Sure - they claim that nothing artificial is added (please point me to the balsamic vinegar well) and they are wrong, but the things they do add are quality and pretty good.

The crisps themselves are suitably mighty and the flavour they have added really works.  It's not so strong as the real deal though, and I'd never recommend them to hardcore vinegar addicts like my sister, but they complement the veggieness well and you can taste the realness of the crisps.  Stick these in a bowl next to the salad bar and you are on to a winner.  Another go-to product by the Kettle people then, even though I'd still rather just sit with the original white bag as a teenager in the 6 weeks school break watching old movies until all the bags are gone.

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