2 August 2017

Chilli & Lime Softer Beef Jerky (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

The last time I ate beef jerky was on a train after a shopping trip. I'd picked it up from a shop in the station and thought I'd give it a go, been as though I'd never tried it before. It was like eating one of my old cowboy boots. I haven't looked back since… until now that is! This Wild West Deli Chilli & Lime flavoured beef jerky is sported as a softer variety of beef brisket, and it was marinated and smoked over applewood. I do love chilli and lime flavoured snacks and picked this up off the shelf in the local supermarket with the hope that (a) I would finally like beef jerky and (b) I'd find a meat snack I like that isn't pork scratchings that I can enjoy with a good beer.

On opening the packet I could see plenty of pieces of chopped up beef jerky. There was a sweet smoked smell from the beef, which I figured was the applewood. On taste this beef jerky is admittedly softer than the last variety, but I reckon beef jerky is just pretty hard anyway! It was fairly easy to chew though, which was an improvement as I needed a chainsaw to eat the last lot I tried. There was smokiness in the flavour, there was beef, of course, with a dash of lime followed by a medium chilli burn. This combination produced a particularly moreish sweet barbecue beef chilli and lime flavour that I really started to enjoy. Coupled with my beer I was pleased to find I do actually like beef jerky, well the softer variety anyway, and I would have this snack again.

Information on the packet;
The 50g packet has 315 calories per 100g, with 5g of fat, 33.1g of sugar and 1.7g of salt. See photograph for ingredients.

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