18 August 2017

Cloggs Coffee Shop, a visit to Dewsbury [By Uxorious]

It’s Saturday! And what could be more exciting than a day trip to Dewsbury? For those of you who don’t live in Yorkshire and are perhaps unfamiliar with this historic green county, Dewsbury is a small town south of the city of Leeds. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book, with the name meaning David’s Fort. Anyway, I want coffee!

Recently, well it depends on how you view time, I reviewed Cloggs House blend beans and quite liked them. Noticing that Cloggs coffee company was actually based not far from me, Dewsbury to be precise, I thought I’d visit them at the weekend. A short drive later and we are parked in Dewsbury. By “we” I mean my wife and daughter, they say hello by the way. Soon we have found Cloggs Coffee Shop. It is a little bit hidden, but worth finding.

It seems other people had also successfully found this shop; it was surprisingly busy. You can buy all sorts from here: Belgian waffles, infused teas, milk shakes, hot chocolates, cakes, and of course an extensive range of coffees. A chocolate orange cake for my daughter, decaf latte (my wife can’t cope with caffeine, she goes all hyper, have you seen that squirrel in the movie Over the Hedge???) and for me a flat white.

As you’d expect, the coffee was lovely. A flat white is sort of a latte but with a higher proportion of coffee to milk. (The flat white was either invented in Australia or New Zealand, people disagree on which, back in the mid 1980s. It could even have been the result of a failed cappuccino!) Next to a good espresso this has become my favourite way of consuming caffeine. Full of energy and recharged we then explored Dewsbury, which actually has a good town centre, market place, minster and town hall for you to explore. Parking was quite cheap too.

I shouldn’t fail to mention, that the staff were lovely! (I’m not even paid to say this. On a completely unrelated note, I do quite like their ROK Espresso maker.)

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The food's very good too!