12 August 2017

Rosie’s Pig Hand Brake Cloudy Cider with Damson (Degusta) By @SpectreUK

I enjoyed the last Rosie's Pig brand rhubarb flavoured cider, Flat Tyre, and was intrigued when I received this one through the post in the Degusta box. Named after Weston's old cider delivery truck, this Rosie's Pig Hand Brake sparkling cloudy cider is flavoured with Damson.

I love damson jam, and generally have it on toast on a Sunday morning. When I was growing up we had a damson tree in the back garden and my mom used to make loads of damson jam every year. It was my dad's favourite jam, and that like has been passed down to me. So, every time I have damson jam I like to think of that old tree and a good memory of my dad whilst I enjoy the toast.

This Hand Brake cider is made with fresh pressed Herefordshire apples, slowly matured and unfiltered for extra flavour, and with damson added during the cider making process. On opening the can there was a mixture of sweet cider apples and damsons in the aroma. On pouring, this cloudy cheerfully fizzy deep red cider had a sweet cider apple apple flavour to begin with which merged quickly with the damson. Both flavours then danced a merry jig into the aftertaste.

I've tried plenty of fruit flavoured ciders in the past. I was struck by the innovation of Weston's adding rhubarb in the Flat Tyre cider, and was equally struck by the sweet fruitiness of this equally innovative cider. Very nice indeed. I'd recommend drinking Hand Brake as a fruity pudding cider or straight from the fridge on a lazy afternoon in the sun.

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