27 August 2017

Califa Farms Unsweetened Almond (with Vanilla) (@NLi10)

I always investigate the not-milk section of the supermarket (on my rare visits) and stock up on the one true king of the almond milks (not roasted, not sweetened, just almonds) but spotted these luxury carafes of ALMOND in the fridge section.

As you may have spotted - one of these is not actually food - but the fresh stylish packaging meant they gravitated together in the packing.  I guess the goals of light airy health overlap somewhat.

These drinkable almonds are a little more luxurious than normal - in fact I was driven to treat them more like fresh dairy.  I put them straight in the fridge and have been using them alongside the more typically watery versions that I use daily.

It's got a few more calories than the ones in the round-up we did, but it's just that little bit thicker and heavier while still being 100% vegan.  Because of this it is much more drinkable and doesn't require something else to be added to it to make it usable in the same way as dairy.

The vanilla one is really quite special and I'd probably just gravitate towards that one in future.

Duchess the review cat can't quite believe that it isn't dairy either!

While it's not quite the same as the thick coconut milk for making Katsu sauce with paste it did work reasonably well (and better than my attempts with water or dairy milk) and once it was heated properly thickened up well.  As I used the vanilla variety here too the kitchen smelt heavenly - if you can use this in recipes successfully you will convert anyone!

I don't think it's a good everyday milk though - it's a bit too heavy on some of the wheat based cereals and I got rather full when having my usual double portion bowls.  I switched back to the lighter Alpro for mornings and kept this for drinks and for attempting to cook with.

It's a little too expensive to just fill the fridge with, but as a here-and-there option to add variety to the not-milk options it's pretty good.  And if you are looking to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly by dropping dairy every so often then this is probably a great way to start!

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