5 August 2017

Orinoco Breakfast Stout (Sainsbury’s) By @SpectreUK

I've heard of 'hair of dog' first thing in the morning to lesson the effects of a hangover, but not had a Breakfast Stout before. Although I'm sure it would go very well indeed with a full English breakfast, especially Black Pudding. When I was a youngster and went out on the town, I used to cook myself a fry up the next day as it did seem to help with the headache. I'm sure I'd have liked this Orinoco Breakfast Stout with it then too.

Produced by the Drygate Brewing Company in Glasgow, Scotland, this stout is 6% in volume. I couldn't help but wonder why they'd named it Orinoco. So a quick read of the 330ml can and a search on the internet explained it. The Orinoco River runs through Venezuela and Columbia. The Campo Bella coffee added to this Breakfast Stout was from Santa Maria, in Columbia, hence the name of the stout. Cocoa, vanilla and lactose have also been added to ramp up the creaminess.

On opening the aroma was like smelling a chocolate milkshake laced with coffee. I had to check the can again, just in case I'd opened the wrong thing from the fridge! On pouring into my waiting beer glass I could see that this stout was the blackest stout I've possibly had the pleasure of pouring into it. It also had the creamiest head. On taste there is the malt merged initially with the dark malted chocolate, pounced on by the strong coffee flavour and after a quick wrestling match the tumbling malt, chocolate, and coffee taste is smoothed by a creamy vanilla and milky aftertaste. This is a lip smacking stout and with no mistake. Perfect for hair of the dog with a fry up, or served as an after dinner pudding stout to set you ready for your comfy cushioned bed!

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