22 August 2017

Cadbury Mini Rolls Limited Edition Marshmallow (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

I don’t often buy Cadbury Mini Rolls, but a new Limited Edition flavour was enough to sway me into making a purchase. The new flavour is marshmallow, and the packet shows a lovely swirl of pink within the vanilla sponge cake bar. As these are Cadbury Mini rolls, there is also a coating of chocolate for good measure.

Inside the pack were 5 individually wrapped Mini Rolls, and I opened up the first one to give them a try. Firstly I could clearly see the pink filling inside but flavour wise I wasn’t sure. One of the distinctive features of marshmallow is the texture, as this is filled with a marshmallow like paste this doesn’t come across at all and I had to stop and think about what marshmallow actually tastes of. It is sort of sweet, and well, sugary? Not much to go on, not much to pick it out.

Some of the pink mallows sometimes have a vaguely fruity taste, and I suppose that is where I would put these Mini Rolls. There is the vaguest hint of some kind of fruit element, but essentially this is just a plain chocolate coated Mini Roll, nice because Mini Rolls are nice. Not exciting though, and although the colour is pretty and they look fun, I think the concept is more interesting than the flavour.
Still I’ll eat these up either by popping one in my lunch box, or having them as a treat with a mug of hot chocolate. It feels like hot chocolate weather! I will keep an eye out for any other Limited Edition flavours as I had forgotten how nice Cadbury Mini Rolls are.

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