24 August 2017

Higgidy Special Guest - Pesto Chicken Pie with a Filo Crown (@NLi10)

I don't make it to the real life supermarket as often as I used to now I have the Occado SmartPass.  This cuts down on the amount of wow factor impulse buys so on a hungry trip to Sainsbury's I filled the trolly a little too full.

One of the culprits was this fab little Higgidy pie.  A lot of their range is veggie so it's rare that you'll see a truly good meat option.

And even rarer for it to have such a show-stopper Filo Pastry crown!

This really does look amazing (although there was a sad looking one in the whoops section who had been dethroned) and it's more textures to play with too which is great.

The filling too is actually of interest - it's not all window dressing.

Mmmm...  Creamy green pesto sauce with real chunks of chicken floating inside.  Possibly not as 'meal in a pie' as a PieMinister but my goodness this is just as spectacular.  I'd be amazed if this doesn't become part of the standard range - maybe the additional issues with transporting such a fragile topping mean that it's not quite as cost effective.  Hopefully I'll be able to buy one of these again before the special guest period finishes.

Seek out and enjoy while you can!

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