8 August 2017

New McVities Digestives Banoffee Caramel (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

As I have been going through a bit of a biscuit mood, I did have a browse to see if there was anything new from McVities. I found these new McVities Digestives Banoffee Caramel edition in Morrisons, which sounded rather different.
The biscuits are based on a regular McVities Digestive biscuit, but they are topped with a layer of Banoffee Caramel and of course some milk chocolate too for good measure. These are Spectre’s nightmare, something that looks like a chocolate biscuit, but are flavoured with banana. He has issues with banana flavoured items, but weirdly not bananas themselves. The packet is bright yellow though, so he should spot it before helping himself…
Anyway I like both banana and banana flavoured items, so I was excited to see banoffee as a new edition for biscuits. The Digestive biscuits have a good solid crunch, but the caramel and chocolate added a nice softness to the texture. To be fair the dominant flavour was that wonderful wholesome taste of oats you get with these biscuits, followed by some pleasing sweet milk chocolate and then just a nice hint of sweet sticky toffee and finally banana making up the banoffee flavour.
The banana flavour was not strong, and did not scream artificial at me. I think you have to look for the banna flavour really, but if Spectre tried one he’d probably tell you it was too much for him. These are a playful fun twist on a regular Digestive, and they have worked it in so it keeps the original flavours as the dominant ones, making them very easy to eat. I enjoyed them and hope they will bring out some other varieties in this style.

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GmomodS said...

I've tried these, but wasnt quite sure. I found them a little underwhelming. When the banana dissipated, there wasn't much flavour of anything left other than chewy, but not really flavourful caramel and a bit of dry biscuit. Perhaps I've had too many Viennese fingers in my time! (ssssoooo good).
They do a cappuccino variety by the way, though I haven't tried them yet.