16 August 2017

Coffee Shortbread (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

My first thought when I picked up these Coffee Shortbreads was that I could mess with you and wash them down with a good cup of tea instead of a coffee! However, when I came to eat them I decided to wash them down with a coffee latte. These shortbread biscuits were made with Italian style ground coffee. Some interesting facts on the side of the box stated that Italy was thought to be one of the first countries to drink coffee from the fifteenth century, with the first coffee house opening in Venice in the seventeenth century.

On opening the box, after Cinabar had made me a coffee latte in the Tassimo machine, there was a strong smell of coffee from the square shortbread inside. The shortbreads smelt of baked buttery biscuit and coffee goodness. On taste each shortbread had a soft crunch and a light coffee flavour mixed with the wheat and butter. There was also a coffee aftertaste which complemented the coffee latte as I munched on each biscuit I took a sip of coffee too. Very nice indeed. perfect for an after dinner treat.

Information on the box;

The 135g box contains 9 biscuits, per biscuit has 4.4g of fat, 3.1g of sugar, and 0.08g of salt. Ingredients included gluten, and; fortified wheat flour, butter, sugar, salt, and ground coffee beans.

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