28 August 2017

Cadbury Picnic Bites (Poundland) By @Cinabar

Who can resist a lovely grab bag of choccies on a Bank Holiday weekend. We all sat down together to watch a film at home and share out these new Cadbury Picnic Bites. I found them in Poundland, which is becoming more and more often one of the first places to stock new goodies in the city where I live.

I have eaten Cadbury Picnic bars in the past and enjoyed them, but they are not the first chocolate I turn too, but re-reading the ingredients I soon realised they should be right up my street. Inside the bag were small rectangular chocolate bites packed with a mix of goodies. There were caramel, peanut, cereal and raisins all mixed with Cadbury’s chocolate. I really enjoyed these chocolate Picnic Bites, as each one had a different texture, being both chewy and crunchy and the mix of flavours was spot on too. I liked the nuttiness and the sweetness, and the raisins gave a nice burst of flavour too. I think it is the diversity of the ingredients that made these so moreish, and we soon finished off the pack. I’ve always like mixed texture in my chocolates.
It might be back to work tomorrow, but I’ll be keen to pick up a full size Cadbury Picnic bar just because I seem to have forgotten how good they are. I’ve always loved chocolate and peanuts so I’m not sure hot I forgot about this magic combination.

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