6 August 2017

AMEDEI - Tuscan Gourmet Chocolate with Pistachio (@NLi10)

Our final stop in Italy was essentially the Port near the leaning tower of Pisa (called Port Pisa) where all of the rich people park their yachts.  It was a fun taste of the Monaco lifestyle, with regular people flats instead of tower blocks full of millionaires.  Our accommodation was cheap yet really nice, and as a bonus was owned by the same person as a luxury food store on the main street.  I tired to resist going overboard...

...but look at this simply divine selection of regional chocolates.  I finally picked the pistachio one and we were given a small cube of the black stuff as a thank you for staying with them. Result!

It's a few months later now and this chocolate has been taunting me as it waits for the right occasion - but as i'm running low on things to review today is the day!

The box is really well presented - this is present grade material already.

It has great colours, and it has story inside too - and it's in English for the tourists.  This is clearly meant to be taken home.

And it's very convincing too - as the story continued inside I was really anticipating my first bite, and wondering how many cubes I could legitimately claim as needed for the review.

It certainly looks the part - you can see the pistachio filling from both the top and bottom, and as both parts have cocoa in there should be a decent taste too.

The inside is brown not green like I'd expected, and the flavour isn't as intensely pistachio as I'd expected.

Maybe I've ruined my tastebuds on intense dark sensations but this was a very nice, but fairly unremarkable bite.  It was certainly a pleasure and the slightly contrasting textures suggested that there had been a lot of thought behind this, but I really didn't get a pistachio hit, and the white chocolate was creamy but not too exciting.

I'm wondering whether I exposed it to high heats on its travels back (likely as we've had great weather in Italy and the UK) and if that impacted on it at all.  It certainly isn't a bad chocolate - and without the hype and history I think I'd have been pleasantly surprised by it's quality, but compared to the rich cavalcade of flavours that Italy presented to me this was a little disappointing.

The dark chocolate was just a small square of dark chocolate - nothing to write home about - ideal for serving with coffee.

I'd certainly look out for these again (hey - any excuse to pop back to Italy) but I don't think I'd consider these a delicacy. Maybe the people on the yachts have them on deck in the sunshine with expensive champagne - i'll have to try that and report back.

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