7 August 2017

New Twix Top Biscuits (Poundland) By @Cinabar

I found this huge multipack of the new Twix Top bars in Poundland. That shop is becoming a favourite place for Foodstuff Finds, and this time I certainly felt like I’d struck gold! They are often one of the first places for new products or interesting import items, and of course always at the best prices.

When I got home and opened the box I was very pleased to see that these biscuits are all individually wrapped. Having 20 in the time they would stay fresh otherwise might prove a bit more difficult, being individually wrapped means I can even have them in my lunch box too. They don't feel to big, just right for a treat.
The biscuits are like a flattened out Twix, with more biscuit and less chocolate and as the coating is just on the top. There is sill a fair amount of caramel in their too, the biscuit has rolled edges to fit it in.

I gave one a taste test and was pleased that all the distinctive flavours of Twix were present. There is more biscuit, but the chocolate and caramel have such a good flavour that it all held together perfectly. The textures were good too, lots of crunchy biscuit, but plenty of gooey caramel. I loved these biscuits, and can’t wait to tackle the rest of the box. There are 20 bars, so it may take a while, but it's a challenge I’m willing to accept.

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Anonymous said...

Twix Top was around in the early 2000's, along with an M&M version with the chocolate M&M's on top of a chocolate base. I'm guessing these are european stock.