11 August 2017

Wing Wing - London - Restaurant Review By Fey

Walking into Wing Wing is feels like you’ve been transported into a Seoul, with its quirky aesthetic and neon lights.

Creating their menu around what they do best, Wing Wing offer some of the best Korean chicken in London (which the waitress informed us had been agreed by a Korean woman visiting the city).

After showing us their impressive beer machine, where the drink is poured bottom up using a magnet, we settled down to look at the menu. After recommendation we went for the Katsu Bao buns, 12 Signature Wings, the Onion Brick and kimchi coleslaw.

The bao buns were delicious, complete with kimchi and instead of the usual steamed buns, the buns were fried which added lots of extra flavour. We chose our chicken wings with a soy garlic flavouring, which was the perfect compliment to add some kick to the batter. Much like the buns, the chicken was really tender. The onion brick, which had an amazing cruchy texture was the perfect side with the Kimchi Coleslaw, which added a tangy flavour.

The desert was an interesting take on the bao bun. Whilst it was fried like the main course, it came with a sweet filling. We tried the Salted Peanuts Bao Nuts and Banana Caramel Bao Nuts. The slightly crunchier texture of the bun went really nicely with the creamy filling.

Overall, the restaurant has a truly chilled and laid-back vibe, where good food and flavours are the focus. With no doubt some of the best fried chicken in London, this Korean themed restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

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