4 August 2017

Scoop To Chill @HotelChocolat (By @Cinabar)

After a lovely shopping trip in Birmingham we decided to treat ourselves to some nice chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. As these were meant for munching rather than gifting I thought one of these grab bags would be appropriate. Obviously I sniffed out a summer special and found the Scoop To Chill range, in ice cream and sorbet flavours. They are designed to be served from the fridge and are round chocolates with soft silky centres. There are six varieties in the bag, neatly colour coordinated.

The green topped one is the melon sorbet. This I felt was an unusual choice of flavour, but it worked very well. There was a lovely hit of refreshing delicate melon, and the dark chocolate overtone brought balance. I felt this really benefitted from being chilled.

The yellow topped was lemon sorbet in flavour, and coated in white chocolate. this was very zingy and sharp lemon and the playful sourness was neatly softened by the creamy flavour of the white chocolate.

The orange topped chocolate was blood orange sorbet. After trying the lemon, this had a markedly softer flavour, but was still a tangy orange. It was lovely and summery with loads of sweet citrus and chocolate.

The white topped chocolate is supposed to re-create the flavour of the humble choc ice. This is a bit of an odd idea as childhood choc ices were never made of the best quality chocolate. Thankfully the Hotel Chocolat edition had a beautiful chocolate coating, and a lovely creamy smooth filling. Again the coolness from the fridge helped add to the effect.

The purple topped chocolate was the blackcurrant sorbet. Oh my word this chocolate plays with your tastebuds. It is very tart and very strong blackcurrant. The dark chocolate follows with its rich cocoa taste, and it pure heaven of a flavour in combination. It is an absolute taste sensation, this is the one where I just wanted a bag of them.

Finally the pink topped chocolate recreates strawberry ripple ice cream. This is a much softer and sweeter taste. The strawberry is rich and fruity, and fans of strawberry creams will be in heaven. These are very easy to eat, and very moreish.

I absolutely loved these Scoop To Chill chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. From the creativity of the melon to the kickass flavour of the blackcurrant they were a complete pleasure to eat. They also do a version of these chocolates which are a little bigger and presented more traditionally in their ‘H’ box if you want to give them as a gift. If you do, don’t forget to pick up a bag of these for yourself too, or you will be missing out.

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