30 August 2017

Walkers Lime & Black Pepper Crisps (WH Smiths) By @SpectreUK

These Lime & Black pepper flavoured crisps are part of the Walker’s ‘Choose me or lose me?’ range. Rather confusingly this new flavour of crisps is set against the ubiquitous Salt & Vinegar flavour, which doesn’t seem very fair to me. Okay, so life is not often fair and blah, blah, blah, but setting a new flavour against a flavour that all crisp manufacturers have in their range as a must, seems like Lime & Black pepper flavoured crisps are already set on a losing streak…

On opening the packet there was a salty smell mixed with lime, and with black pepper in the background. On taste there is a definite dominant lime flavour to these crisps. The saltiness is slightly subdued, whereas the black pepper came to the fore after a few seconds giving my tastebuds a bit of a buzz. Then the lime kicks in again running through the aftertaste with a good hint of spice from the black pepper. Cinabar and her mom agreed that these crunchy Walker’s crisps have a Mediterranean feel to them. I was thinking more Thai, with the spice from the black pepper and heaviness of the lime flavour throughout.
I would definitely give these Lime & Black pepper flavoured crisps the thumbs up and would buy them again and again. I reckon they would go well washed down with a decent lager, or Indian Pale Ale. However, a fair contest Walkers please, with another sported possible temporary flavour, rather than a stalwart flavour that’s never going to be replaced in a million years!
Information on the packet;
The 50g Grab Bag has 252 calories, with 14g of fat, 1.2g of sugar, and 0.65g of salt. These crisps are suitable for Vegetarians. Please see photograph for ingredients.

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