1 September 2017

Walkers Cheese and Bacon Crisps (WH Smiths) By @Cinabar

So Walkers have a new range of crisps called Choose Me or Loose Me. They all sound like fab new flavours, but Walkers have put them up against some of our regular favourites, for example these new Cheese and Bacon Crisps are up again the classic Smokey Bacon ones. I love meaty favoured crisps so couldn’t wait to give them a try. I poured some out on the plate and was curious to see herbs in the seasoning too.

I gave one the taste test, and really liked them. The added cheese was just heaven and complemented the bacon perfectly. They were meaty and salty, but also creamy, like there was sour cream there too, and even a nice background herby taste. They were good to munch on and the flavour was so much better defined than the regular Smokey Bacon crisps, I found myself siding with these. Cheese make everything better right? I know Smokey Bacon are a classic, but there we are.
So a rather controversial decision here, but when it is all weighed up, Cheese and Bacon is better than Smokey Bacon alone in my opinion… Anyone else tried these? Which do you prefer? Would you be okay loosing Smokey Bacon for Cheese and Bacon?

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