17 September 2017

4 Hand-made Chocolate Truffles (Gloucester Motorway Services) by @NLi10

The twin farm-shop services of Gloucester and West-Morland (Tebay) feature heavily in our holiday plans as you can guarantee that you'll find some wonderful food to review.  These presents were brought back when dropping off our friend for his 9 day Land's End to John O'Groats cycle ride.

While cycling at all is out of the question for me, I think I can cope with some hand-made chocolate truffles.  So lets have a good look - in what will hopefully be order of strength so they don't overpower each other.

Raspberry and coconut

This is what you expect to find in fresh, hand made chocolates.  The centre is almost a fruit sponge its so fresh.  The very fruity, almost liquid centre is molten before you even come near it and the flavours just pop out of it.  The white chocolate then hits with the coconut texture and flavour to finish.  A definite hit.


This was very similar to the Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno of the bunch, albeit with a slightly richer flavour.  As you'd expect everything was just that little bit fresher and crisper so the textures were more pleasing.  The praline in the centre was perhaps the least noticeable here, with the smooth slightly nutty flavour being dominated by the outer.  I'd happily eat more of these to see how the flavour changes with each hand-rolled bite.

Sea salt caramel

The caramel in this really is the clincher - if you aren't a fan then you won't be a fan of the whole thing - and for me it's a little too salty.  As you can see in the pic (this is the front one) the caramel is very runny and the chocolate case very thick so it's as good a quality as the others, but neither myself or my partner were fans of the flavour of the caramel so this was the least enjoyed of the bunch.

Dark Chocolate & Orange

Covered in white dust (and at the back of the picture above) this one had the most solid oaf all the centres.  After the caramel I feared that this too would be slightly too 'flavoursome' as sometimes the orange can be a bit acidic, but it wasn't too powerful.  I'd have maybe preferred a little more texture to it (orange peel or similar maybe) to make it linger, but as it is this was a nice melty orange sensation.

Overall I think that we started with the best, I could eat a packet of the raspberry ones!  That said I think if you were sharing these as a group that each one would find a favourite and that none would go to waste.  They aren't the cheapest things going though so it's probably best just to have a set as an occasional mid-journey treat.

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