28 September 2017

Happy Down - pre-mixed wine cocktails in funky cans (@NLi10)

Occasionally FaceBook adverts work. They show you something that you’d love to pick up and try.  Rarely do snack food companies advertise like this (it’s usually PROTEIN or FUEL based man things) but when they do I like to send them a message and see if at least they can point me in the direction of the product.

Here we see the product of one of these interactions - Happy Down, the upsettingly upside down drinks cans with adult beverages inside.

I love the patterns and logos and everything, but one of the group did say it was as upsetting as when someone opens their crisps at the bottom (which another of the group then immediately did).

First up we have Raspberry, Pommegranite and Basil. This was probably the most ‘poppy’ of the flavours and similar to the alcohol-pops that I grew up on in the 90s.  My fear of floating basil seeds never materialised, but the flavours were all there, maybe a little muddled but at least it was interesting. 

The company requested that I drink them in tall glasses with lime and so I bought one especially - and the colours do really shine here. These would be amazing for a home bar, or for a party. 

Next up we have lemon, cucumber and mint Which was my least favourite of the flavours, but it did evoke memories of Morrocan Whisky (mint tea) and was a good cocktail really but I’m no fan of cucumber.

Chester the cat enjoyed the party and didn’t even attempt to knock over any drinks.

THe final flavour was the most divisive, being lychee, guava and chilli.  The flavour wasn’t really recognisable, but the chilli vapours preceded every sip.  I enjoyed it but you really couldn’t drink this all night.

Overall these were a hit, with people wanting to try them and me managing to finish most of the cans through the night.  I’m not sure I’d buy a 4 pack of any of the flavours, but I’d happily drink the non-cucumber ones again.  They are solid sipping cocktails and with a bit of inventiveness you could easily add some more pizazz to the drink and serve in pitchers as if you made it yourself.  Perfect then for a sleepy games night, but maybe not distinct or special enough to be someone’s first drink of choice.

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