11 September 2017

New Oyster, Chilli and Lemon Crisps (Yorkshire Crisps @YorkshireCrisps) By @Cinabar

As much as I have a love for meaty favour crisps, a subcategory of that favourite is fish flavoured ones. I’m not sure I could be more excited about the idea of Oyster crisps, they are the gold of the seafood world.
Although I don't think Yorkshire is particularly synonymous with Oysters, these crisps are made by the Yorkshire Crisp company. This means that they are in a posh tub to protect them. Along with Oyster these crisps are also flavoured with chilli and lemon, which are perfect accompaniments.
Despite being quite posh these crisps aren’t too thickly cut, and instead had enough texture without being hard.
The seasoning is mild, with the oyster being the most dominant, giving these a lovely fish flavour, that is brought out by the acidic lemon juice and a spot of warmth from the chilli. Don’t worry these crisps are not hot, they just have a hint of spice but the delicate oyster flavour is not overpowered. They were very tasty, and I enjoyed every single one, and couldn't help thinking it was a shame to have to share! If you grew up on scampi flavoured crisps, these posh crisps are the more mature natural progression and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on another tub.

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evildannee said...

Wowza, where did you find these?