16 September 2017

Craft Beer Chocolates (Marks & Spencer’s) By @SpectreUK

I apologise to regular readers who may be expecting some form of a beer blog today. This is "some form of a beer blog", but not the bottled variety. Normal services will resume next week, but unfortunately I am laid up today after an operation on my knee yesterday. I was told by the clinicians that I am not to have alcohol for twenty-fours after surgery, because the anaesthetic is still in my system, so trying to be sensible (of rather being policed by Cinabar and her mom), I've had to abstain for the day.

These Craft Beer Chocolates are set in three flavours of twelve cute chocolate beer pint glasses (see photograph). There are two flavours in milk chocolate and one in dark chocolate. before tasting I imagined the London Porter beer would be the dark chocolate, as porters are generally darker in colour and are often brewed with chocolate malt, whereas the Cornish Pale Ale and Maritime Salted Caramel beer have been added to the milk chocolates.

From top to bottom I decided to try the milk chocolate with the light brown head, which on popping into my mouth was just about the best chocolatey thing I've eaten for ages. I could tell there was barley in there amongst the succulent milk chocolate, but no saltiness, so figured the top pint glass chocolate was Cornish Pale Ale. The next milk chocolate beer glass was with a white top. There was a subtle hint here on biting when this chocolate pint glass was filled with gooey salted caramel. There was also a hint of barley in amongst the flavour. Really very gooey and tasty. The last of the chocolate beer glasses was the dark chocolate. The London Porter beer. This was very definitely flavoured with porter. There were heavier undertones of chocolate malt here, and with a soft centre to bite into. Mmmm…

These chocolate pint glasses are not just a novelty. They are a really good M&S novelty. They'd be a classic after dinner treat to those that want a chocolatey snack before moving to the real pints of whatever your pleasure is. If you're off beer for a day, this is clearly the way to go. I couldn't help but save the rest for tomorrow though, as I'm back on the beer and I'm sure I can find a perfect match from the bottles in my collection that will go very well with them. I shall first look for a fitting porter!


Anonymous said...

What do they cost? not too expensive i hope!

Anonymous said...

You mixed up the milk chocolates - top is salted caramel beer (caramel top) & middle is Cornish pale ale (white chocolate top).