7 September 2017

Monty Bojangles - Retro Rocka (@NLi10)

I'll openly admit that we love Monty Bojangles here at FoodStuffFinds, their little chocolatey parcels are great. I noticed while doing a previous review that they also did boiled sweets and promised myself to keep a look out.

And a short while later one of my colleagues brought these in as her parting gift.  I seem to be loosing a lot of my foodie colleagues recently, I'll have to stop feeding them so much out of date stuff! This is a pretty sweet find because we get to try three varieties in one - the epic rhubarb and custard, disappointing pear drops, and tantalising lemon sherbets!

The back has a lot of writing on just to tell us that it's basically sugar and lots of kinds of acid.

Boiled sweets really aren't much to look at, and yes - we ate a lot of them...

First up was rhubarb and custard.  We've had a good selection of these in the office over the years and these are frankly a bit wimpy. The custard has a good flavour, and the rhubarb has a good flavour, but they don't have that Monty Bojangles edge.  If I'd got these from the normal sweet shop or the Tesco own brand section then they'd be a fine sweet, but they aren't luxury.

The pear drops which I'd never usually choose however are the headliners. Both colours basically taste the same, but it's a long lasting pleasure ride into the world of keytones that  justifies the fact that there were easily double the amount of these compared to the other sweets. Perfectly balanced and a pleasure to eat, and something I'd buy again. Are they as good as the most basic of the Monty Bojangles truffles? Of course not, don't be crazy - those are like wizard sweets counjured up by some kind of superior alien intelligence. These are just the best pear drops I've tasted.

The lemon sherbert wasn't great. It was a weird kind of lemon, and the acid levels were far too high. There were only three in the bag which was a blessing. I could eat another of the rhubarb ones just to check that it wasn't amazing. This I'd not want to try again. The kind of sweet that ruins all things you eat for the rest of the day with its oppressiveness.

So - overall I'd buy a box of the peardrops and share those with friends. The sherberts are wrapped up so you could give those to acid lovers, and the ruhubards are fine but not premium goods.  Based on the 1/3 hit rate I'd be willing to seek out the other flavours and give those a try.

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