14 September 2017

Jack Daniels BBQ sauce by @NLi10

Doesn't that just look fantastic? The very idea of a Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce had me jumping for joy - and I've never been one of those people who has a favourite whiskey (there aren't many vodka flavoured dips for some reason).

Interestingly it's for sale to over 18s only as while not technically alcoholic it does promote the use of alcohol. Drink (and eat) responsibly snack-heads!

In fact there is more onion purée in here than JD, which is probably fine - I mean there are certain tastes I associate with a BBQ and slightly crispy onions is one of them.

I tried some with some of the amazing Fry's nuggets and was amazed to find that the sauce wasn't that exciting. I'm not sure whether I expected it to taste more like HP or Worcester sauce but there is just a feint smokey taste to it. I certainly wouldn't have blind taste test told you that this had any Jack Daniel's in it at all. Confusing. 

I've added it to other things that I would like to taste of BBQ since and it's a similar effect, it's like the BBQ dripping you get on pizza (note to self - drizzle this on pizza) and not really a dipping sauce. I wasn't sure whether it was for use on a BBQ but then why would it be smokey - for when you do a gas BBBQ? Who knows. I got a second, spicier flavour in the same PR parcel so I'll press on and try that too - hopefully with some of the recipes off their site, but I don't hold out too much hope.

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