8 September 2017

Walkers Paprika Crisps (WH Smiths) By @Cinabar

These are the another flavour in the new Choose Me or Lose range from Walkers. They are pitting some new flavour varieties, such as these Paprika crisps against some of our favourites to see if we would be willing to swap. So far we’ve had Lime and Black Pepper versus Salt and Vinegar. These were fantastic, but we decided we wouldn’t be happy to lose the latter. Cheese and Bacon were up against Smokey Bacon, and what can I say, cheese makes everything better. So this is the last battle, and Paprika is up agains Prawn Cocktail.
So I opened up the bag and noticed the scent was quite mild for Paprika. There was just a light aroma of the spice. I taste tested them and the same applied. I expected Paprika to be hard hitting on the taste buds, as I associate the spice with being full of flavour, but these had just a gentle sprinkle. They were very pleasant to eat, gently warm and flavoursome and a good packet of crisps. Up against the classic Prawn Cocktail there is no competition, I’d take sweet and tangy finger licking Prawn Cocktail over these any day, they have a stronger burst of flavour.
I’m not saying these isn’t a place for milder flavours, as I did enjoy these and would happily pick them up if they were added to the range. Its just a bit unfair to put them up against such a different and classic crisp.


Anonymous said...

the Wife and I love these and have noticed that we cannot get them from the shops, and to be honest there are not many others if any that we do like as good as these.

cinabar said...

My suggestion is to head to PoundLand and pick up Paprika Smiths crisps, (a sister company of Walkers) who have just started making them coincidentally now that Walkers have stopped. See: https://www.foodstufffinds.co.uk/2018/08/smiths-paprika-flavour-crisps-poundland.html