3 September 2017

KFC Southern Legends UK Tour - Texas Ranch (@NLi10)

Occasionally it's worth being subscribed to the KFC newsletters as you get informed about special burgers and returning classics. Here we have (had?) a series of three burgers that are on tour - presumably until they run out of the special sauces.

I popped in with work colleagues at lunch (the decadence) for one of the last days of the Texas Ranch burger - and I had the big boy meal!

This is pretty much a regular meal but with some chicken bones thrown in for good measure. I'm not sure that I needed the extra chicken but original recipie KFC is a tingly treat so I ate that first.

The headline burger looks stacked.

I mean look at those layers! You have a hash, a flat chicken, some veg and at least three sauces and cheeses, lashings of flavour sensations. None of them are up to the standards of the Dirty Louisiana burger though, it's all a bit muted and ordinary. I guess the BBQ beans and original recipie chickens strong slavoura do overshadow the main event here. 

Good enough to eat if it's on the menu, but not social enough to get a special trip organised.


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