9 September 2017

Disco Forklift Truck Mango Pale Ale (Sainsbury’s) By @SpectreUK

This is probably the most excitable looking beer can I've ever seen. There's some sort of psychedelic disco party going on with lots of green coloured folks dancing around a huge forklift truck. I fancy opening the door turning over the Hi-Fi and grumping like an old bloke; "To be honest with you, I just don't like mangos!" I can see them traipsing off down the road multicoloured threads dimmed, muttering about trying pineapple next time.

As you probably guessed this pale ale is laced with mango. I've never particularly liked the stuff myself. I've gouged one out years and years ago. I've eaten all sorts of mango flavoured things and never really liked any of them. Even if I don't like cooked bananas or many banana flavoured things, at least I like actual bananas and have a couple a day. I just don't like mangos. Apparently mango is Cinabar's favourite fruit… Baaurgh!

Anyway, on opening this 5.1% volume Drygate Brewery pale ale there was a strong mango aroma to the fluffy head that poked out of the can opening, and it cheekily covered my nose as I sniffed. The things I have to go through for blogging, I ask you! On taste this golden almost menacingly orange mango tinted pale ale had an initial sweet malt flavour, with a burst of fruitiness recognisably mango, yet this seemed to merge with the hops leaving almost peach undertones. I do like peaches, so this fruity flavour replacing the mango was a treat. The sweet malt returned to my tastebuds taking them into a pleasant fruity aftertaste.

So those crazy green psychedelic kids can get the party started again. This mango pale ale is bursting with fruity flavour blasting me one more time with the dying embers of summer. I reckon I'll leave the pineapple to my gammon.

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Is this vegan friendly?