2 September 2017

Jarl Beer (@HonestBrew @FyneAles) By @SpectreUK

A Jarl is Norse or Danish Chief, and there are lots of them battling away at each other in the Vikings series I like to watch on television. It's also a type of chief in Skyrim from my many adventures in that video game. I do like the Viking fantasy genre with its swords and shield walls, fur covered huts, beer songs and bearded faces tearing at fire scorched legs of huge spit cooked animals. It appeals to my wilder warrior side, I guess, well in computer games that it is! And I'm sure I could get quite friendly with the Shield Maidens!

I reckon Vikings would like to have swigged down this Jarl beer from the Fyne Ales Brewery in Scotland. It's pretty rough and ready country up there in the Highlands where the spring water comes from for making this single hopped beer. It's hopped with Citra American Hop. There was certainly a citrus hoppy smell on opening the bottle.

This shining blonde beer was glowing fiercely with a regal golden fire on pouring it into my waiting beer glass. On taste it is clear why Citra hop was given such a centre stage. Forget about mixing lots of hops. Citra is tasty enough on its own! This beer punched my tastebuds with the full flavour of citrus on first swig. Of course the sweetness from the crystal malt and malted barley are swimming around the long boat full of citrus as it punches through the waves. There is citrus first and foremost, which is followed by the malts into the aftertaste. Now where did I put that spit roasted leg of pork?

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