23 September 2017

Druid's Brew Beer (Stonehenge Shop) By @SpectreUK

Autumn has just began and now we have the (even) damper and chiller months ahead of us before winter. I always think this is a mythical spooky time of year, what with the nights drawing in on us and Halloween just around the corner…

On a personal note I've been on crutches for a week now after my knee operation. Although I am slowly taking the odd step on my own, but they are tentative and more than a little wobbly. I have especially forgone any tablets today to drink this pint of Druid's Brew, from the Three Castles Brewery, in Wiltshire. That's certainly a mythical place to come from, err… well, the Stonehenge Gift Shop! I have some friends to thank for bringing this beer back for me. I haven't been there myself for many years, but I remember it was quite a sight from afar when I was a little lad trying to see it through the mist and pouring rain.

On opening this brown ale there was a herbal hoppy aroma with fruity undertones. On taste there was a definite herbal blast of hops to start with. Really bitter like an old druid who's seen too many wars and far too many unkind nobles in all his grey bearded years. I must say this really is a bitter start, so if you're ready for a kick in the tastebuds; go for it! There is malted barley at the back of the bitterness from the herbal hops, with a subtle sweetness from a dash of crystal malt, if I'm not mistaken. A jolly fruitiness follows closely after this succulent malted mixture, like a cheeky medieval dance that I could almost hear lute music from many years gone by. This drink is almost as if you meet a stern druid who slowly warms to you!

This is certainly a tasty cheerful brew after its almost angry start, and with no mistake. I'm hoping this Druid's Brew doesn't make me even more wobbly on my feet with its 4% volume. However, hopefully a friendly druid might lend me his walking stick?

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